The Ask Coach Judy Live Talk Show


Practical Information for Empowering Our Listeners to Achieve Professional and Personal Success

A Magazine Style show since 2002, , Previous guests have include Steve Jobs of Apple, Stewart Lane the Play write, to Author of the book and producer of the movie, 'He's Just Not Into You"  

We look  to Empower our Listeners and Help Individuals Achieve Professional or Personal Success, If you want to "Get the Facts, Act, and Achieve Success Personally or Professionally," then we are the TALK SHOW FOR YOU!!. 

Are you an Expert in Empowering Business to Succeed, Author on the national level or just published a book, to  Speaking in Different Forums from on Effective Parenting  to Tips on Sports,  or in the  Entertainment field, or enjoy helping people with the tools your personally have learned, not to mentions topics in the HEALTH FIELD, or not mentions here  please CLICK ON CONTACT ME!!  lLets if your a fit for the show.

Advertiser & Sponsors will be Surprised by all that we will do to help your business become a Household name. 

Show runs on Spotfiy, Spreaker, Google Podcast, Facebook live, and  other platform still being developed. Plus I will be on future talk shows, print & social media,  And on Satellite TV.  I did this on Arise Network with host Debbie Mitchell  several years ago and aired on radio in the US, and Satellite from the United Kingdomn to Africa. Not to mentions being an Expert on TV shows on behalf of single parenting and on, Domestic Violence with ABC TV 25 Local, that is till up on YouTube,

To reach me I can be contacted by text at 5614418557 or CoachJudyLive@gmail,com 

1992 I supported a Dad on protect his young abused daughter & on the Maury Povitch Show

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What Did a Top New York Pubic Relation Firm State 
about, Coach Judy, www.NationalSingleParent.otg

Great packages for most bugets and will help you keep your name in front of people, Proceeds benefit a non-profit that is in need for expanding existing programs, 

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