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Coach Judy Romanoff

Have you stopped to think how you internalize processed information being taken in?

Are you able to Turn the Clutter of Negative Thoughts into Positives for Achieving Success?

Meet Coach Judy:  Cognitive Trainer for the Mind, Talk Show Host, National Recognized Expert: Divorce & Single Parenting, Media Personality on a  International, National, and Local levels, Former Guardian Ad Litem for Family Court.


Coach Judy helped me prepare for battle and deal with my anger through her individual coaching and the training kit on divorce and single parenthood.


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Available for Florida residents only as all proceeds support a Florida Nonprofit, National Single Parent Resource Center, a 501(c)(3) and registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs to solicit funds. This is under the single parent link.

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Phoenix Award for Success

National Phoenix Award

The National Phoenix Award was received in 1999 at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. for "Creating Outstanding Model Programs and Resources for Families," by the Nonprofit: National Single Parent Resource Center established by Judy Romanoff.

Coach Judy's Mascot was named after the award. A Pomeranian next to the award. She "Helps Uplift People and Puts Smiles on Their Faces."

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