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When were are open minded we can reach out and have the whole world open up to us.

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"Welcome to Coach Judy"s Place. "A Positive and Informative Website."  

Now you can Enhance Your Life on a Professionally and Personally Level whether your the CEO, an Employee, in a Relationship, Single, Married, or a Single Parent.    

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 Here is How and Where you can listen to the Passionate and Caring Coach Judy known for "offering  dynamic information on all different subjects that can  Enhance & Empower Your Life in a Positive and Productive way."  

Her energy, calming voice, and unique skills helps, listeners feel connected to her guests while gaining insight to the message or information they are offering.

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Friday Nights 8:30 P.M  On hiatus until we start the new season in October.


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Coach Judy Romanoff began being interviewed by the media in 1990 and reversed her role in 2002 to include interviewing guests on her various shows. 

Guests: International and Nationally Experts who have been honored by US Presidents to Local Experts & Celebrities besides, every day people who have a message that can Impact your life in a positive way.

Resource Directory: coming soon

Individual Coaching:

"Achieving Greater Success Personally & Professionally"

( Discover what is holding you back to what new ideas can JUMP START your present efforts)

How to Turn Challenges into Positive Outcomes 

Divorce & Single Parenting ( Understanding the Maze of Family Court to Working In the Best Interest of the Children for Parents to Grandparents, Guardians of Children from Single Parent Homes) 

Effective Communication with Your Employees to Every Day life including Your Children.    

We accept credit cards and receiving help will help others through the award winning tax-Exempt organization, "National Single Parent Resource Center"



Who is Coach Judy?

An Empowering Dynamic Practical Thinking women who took her personal challenges and turned them into Positive Actions. Since 1990 began to Empower, Support, and Change the lives of those who wish to reach their goals and enjoy life from the "Inside Out."  Professionally and Personally. Her charisma led her to be honored on a National & Local Level.

She is a mom with 2 grown children who are making their mark in life. Plus a dog lover with two little Pomeranians doggies.

Coach Judy believes, "if we can value who we are on the inside, be Respectful to others, even if we do not care for the individual, show care to those who are in our path, work from the heart for the greater good, and be receptive to gain greater insight to how we can meet our goals, the happier we can be, even when life throws us a curve ball."  Not to mention peace in our lives that can lessen the abuses that are all too common in today's world!

When being open to new doors of opportunity we have a greater chance to letting go of the negatives around us and having the right energy of people in your life will lead to a life of joy."

The energy that radiate out brings in the unexpected which brings us closer in achieving our goals.

Is This How You Want to Live? 

Please enjoy what is being offered now and what will be coming.  

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