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    Discovery Session


    Meet with Coach Judy for a complimentary Discovery Session to get to know each other and make sure you are a good fit. We will discuss some of your goals, past wins and losses, and what you would like to accomplish in short term as well as long term. There is a small fee for this meeting, and will be credited towards your first session.

    Duration : 30 MIN

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    Personal Coaching Package


    Coach Judy will work with you for about an hour each week to help you enhance your life personally.  She can coach on issues  with marriage, divorce, children, grieving, and more.  She will put together a treatment plan  so you can meet your goals in about 6 months or less.


What is a Coach?

A person who is your Cheerleader, Motivator, who also Supports You, and has specific Knowledge to help Achieve your Goals.

How & Who do they Help?

A Coach generally will have Life Experiences, understands the Emotional Impact & looks for Positive ways to bring change into your life. From being a CEO to an Employee, Housewife, a Senior, Single Parents, to your everyday life, and looking to Enhance or Change It.

Depending on what your looking for: Discover New Insights in:
How to Enhance your Thoughts or Actions,
Understanding How We Communicate Affectively
Discovering Tools, Resources, and finding what it is you want to Achieve!!

There are many different types of Coaches, depending on what your needs are. Some have a degree in specific fields, like psychology, financial, and many others.
Today almost everyone seems to call themselves a Coach.

Did you know 70 to 93% of Communication is Non-Verbal?

Today Coach Judy is a, “Cognitive Trainer for the Mind.” She can help Tweak the Inner Chatter to the Non-Verbal, that could be holding you back. And provide Positive, Supportive, Insights and Directions to Succeed.

Transforming from an Introvert child to being Extroverted when fighting & winning a custody battle, 1989-1992, Judy’s flood gates opened to go after her goals even when others said, “I don’t think you can do it.”

Today she is known as a very accomplished positive person and it’s what gives her strength to deal with what life throws her.

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