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Divorce Discussion
Do you know anything about:

  1. Legal system?
  2. What Attorney to hire?
  3. What Agencies will or could become involved?
  4. Collaborative Divorce or Mediation?
  5. How to Work in the Best Interest of the Children?
No two cases are exactly the same. Who will you reach out if you are considering Family Court?

Creating Cooperation & Harmony Among All Family Members.

As a single parent family it’s important to allow the parents to decide how they will work out the challenges.

Single Parent Families 2 Be, including dating & getting pregnant.

Please do not push your beliefs but make suggestions and give needed support when asked.

Refusing to puts you at risk of losing your child and grandchildren and negatively impacting the welfare of your entire family.

Is that what you want?

If NO, then please invest in the programs now available for YOU!

Are you?

  • Dating or Living Together and Now Pregnant? Considering a Divorce? Already in Family Court?
  • A Single Parent or Family Member who looks to work in the “Best Interest of the Children.”
  • “Save the Stress, Frustration, & Money vs. Risking Losing Family Members during this time!”

Would You Like?

  • “Practical Knowledge for Facing Divorce & Family Court, Save Time Money, & Frustration”
  • 2-Hour Interactive Video for Getting the Facts to Act, and Create “Cooperation & Harmony with all Family Members.”
  • Includes Information Sheets used in the video.
The video below is a sample of this program.
Parental Alienation

Is this what you are doing to your children?

When a parent or other family members or friends, put down the other parent in front of their child. you are doing the above to your child. He or she is a part of the two of you and such acts listed above damage your children.

Is that what you want to do to your child, children or grandchildren or raising a child from a single parent home?

Programs Available to Empower & Support Single Parents To Be

Facilitated by Coach Judy, National Recognized Expert: Divorce Single Parenting, Family Court.
  • Businesses Can Offer these programs as part of an “Employee Benefit”
  • Become a Donor, Sponsor, Vendor Resource, and or Guest on the Coach Judy Live Talk Show.
  1. Video Membership $50 if you order before May 15, 2024
  2. Video Membership with 6 week Class for Facing Family Court $499
  3. Individual Coaching: Limited Space 3 Months 1x a week, 45 minutes $2500. Receive a 20 minute complimentary session if you signup before May 15, 2024.
  4. Video Membership monthly for Empowerment and Support with online (Zoom) social gatherings $499

Click here for more information. Or select one of the programs below to purchase. We work on a sliding scale if your have a specific situation. Please click here to explain the financial situation.

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