Who is Coach Judy?

Meet with Coach Judy Coach Judy is known for her Passion, Determination, Integrity, and looks for Like Minded Professionals.

Judy understands unexpected challenges, as she turned a life altering situation in South Florida, to create the Nationally Honored Nonprofit in 1992. Her hard work and care for others led to receiving the National Phoenix Award in 1999. This was covered my multiple media outlets in Washington D.C. and locally in West Palm Beach. S. Florida.

Taking Positive Action from being a sponge for the Knowledge being offered, when in Family Court, Coach Judy created an exciting, unexpected life.

Little would she know in the beginning that she would become a Guardian Ad Litem with the Courts, after one was forced upon her during her case.

And this was just the beginning as she is open to incorporate Employers to help Employees Increase Productivity.

As 10-year-old she won on a bowling TV Show called, “Pin Busters” in Toledo Ohio.

Coach Judy is a, “dynamic, energetic, and informative guest on talk shows and can speak on all types of topics related to human behavior to, “Turning Negatives into Positive Action & Success.”

2002 Coach Judy added her new role by being on the other side of the Microphone at I Heart Broadcasting Company, “The Coach Judy Variety Show,” can help you to, “Get The Facts, To Act, & Achieve Success, Professionally and Personally.

Watch Past shows are on her YouTube page under Coach Judy.

Former guests have been, “the Late Steve Jobs, and Stuart Lane, Dave Pelzer author of “A Child Called It,” to top business leaders, and even a, exterminator who had never been interviewed.  The show offered the “Coach Judy Dental Makeover” 2006 with a listener who was a dentist, and contests for Listeners.

A top Public Relations Firm from New York sent her a dynamic testimonial for the show and is posted here on the Talk Show Page.

Coach Judy received awards such as a Key to the City of Boca Raton and in a news story for the event being sponsored there for families in, 1995 & 1997, to Hometown Hero, and much more.

With the launch of a special video and the support of THE CITY OF Boca Raton, Coach Judy HONORED THE CITY OF BOCA RATON AT A PRESS RELEASE EVENT IN 2002.

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