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Do you want to SILENCE the NEGATIVE CHATTER that stands between you and what you want to achieve?                              

Coach Judy, COGNITIVE TRAINER FOR THE BRAIN, will work with you on a business or personal track.

Coach Judy will work with CEO’s, Business Owners, C-Level Executives and Employees in regards to business.


Coach Judy also works with Parents, Grandparents, Singles, & Single Parents as well. 

Coach Judy Romanoff

Judy Romanoff or “Coach Judy” is the M-POWERMENT Coach to CEO’s, corporations, celebrities, and families. Coach Judy is an exclusive motivational expert who provides high powered coaching information and resources from A to Z with quality, simplicity and fabulous positive energy. She is the host of the Coach Judy Talk Show and founder of About FYI for anyone seeking important guidance on how to handle divorce and custody issues.

Get In the Zone!

By being in the Zone, you will see the following benefits: 

We help you design the life you want.

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